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The Digital Adversary

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Cyber attacks and nation state conspiracies penetrate our daily conscious. From the Sony Pictures hack in 2014 by North Korea threatening against the release of the Kim Jong-un assassination plot movie “The Interview”  with the ensuing US counter-strike on their Internet and Cell Phone networks to the WannaCry Microsoft Windows ransomware epidemic in 2017.  Attacks from organized crime and nation states totaled over $2.8B in 2018 alone.  And those are just the reported ones.

However, while cyber attack surfaces are still vastly unknown by most of us, their clandestine nature intrigues us.  It's time for cyber security to become personal.

In response to sophisticated cyber threats, the US has aggressively modernized.  Various agencies are clamoring to gain the upper hand against new adversaries. They find challenges hiring experienced private hackers and cyber professionals to change the image of our nation. And while the FBI is aggressively recruiting cyber agents, it is changing its posture of gun toting agents defusing bombs and chasing counterintelligence leads to young and brash developers competing for anti-hacking bragging rights. The war the US and our allies face is not one of Nuclear Warheads, Tanks, and feet on the ground spies. We now fight a collective of enemies weaponizing computers, smartphones and networks – The Digital Adversary

 In a cyber threat underworld of organized crime and nation states seeking US political and economic influence, a team of bold young FBI cyber forensic agents engage in a constant global battle where their personal and professional lives hang in the balance.

Official FBI Authorization Rights

FBI Authorization

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Exigent Media has official rights authorization to use the FBI seal, name, and initials as set decorations/wardrobe and on prop letterheads, ID badges, signs, etc., within cyber media series in perpetuity, domestically and internationally. This permission extends to any advertisement or promotion of the film in which the use relates to the content of the film.