About Us


Our Mission

Exigent Media is a film and media production business focusing on bold digital content with a specific emphasis on cyber security, cyber espionage, national security, intelligence and cyber research domains.  With Executive Producers delivering Emmy Award winning content to creators with federal government and private cyber security experience, we deliver the most current, compelling and intriguing content.

Our Team


Gary Miller - Founder, Creator and Producer

  As Founder of Exigent Media, Gary's objective is to create, develop and incubate abstract cyber technologies and content with realism.  He brings twenty five years of experience in cyber security, consulting and technology for the world’s leading mobile network operators. In the US, he was intimately involved in the design and deployment of solutions for creating behavioral profiles of mobile users using deep machine learning technologies. He pioneered the use of AI technologies for detecting fraud and mobile network cyber security attacks from organized crime and foreign nation state actors.  Gary currently works with a mobile software company and US Federal Agencies on cyber security and fraud-related initiatives.


Warren Weideman - Executive Producer and Producer

  Warren has twenty-five years of experience incorporating corporate brands into major feature films, and as a Producer—the creation of original content for motion pictures and television supported through integrated brand marketing. Currently, he is Executive Producer of the highly successful CBS TV series, The Inspectors — recipient of six Emmy nominations and two awards in 2016.  He has produced hundreds of hours on top networks and the two highest rated Showtime movies at the time of release.  He is a member of the Producers Guild, has Produced a Documentary for the Grammy Foundation and has credits with Showtime, Netflix, TNN and CBS.  He is currently working with Netflix on a major feature film project. 


Mark Spellen - Executive Producer and Producer

  Mark has over twenty-five years of business development, production and technology experience in the entertainment and telecommunications industry. He produced several projects for Polygram Diversified Entertainment leading to a film production company with pay-per-view and direct distribution television specials.  He collaborated with MIT Media Lab technologists to build the first music fan club website for the Rolling Stones, which later became the cornerstone for Live Nation’s fan sites.  Mark co-founded Traffic Station; one of the first Internet and wireless providers of traffic information which broadcasted information across the top markets in the US. Over the last 20 years he leveraged that experience to drive sales for software developers in telecom which he brings to bear in this latest venture, developing television series programming for both mobile, streaming and traditional broadcast distribution channels.

Exigent Media has access to multiple media distribution companies, television and film networks.  Compelling content always has a place on major networks and short form media channels.  Exigent Media has avenues to bring your content to the screens of viewers around the world.